#1 Portable Massage Bed – “ETERNAL”

Portable Massage Bed - ETERNAL

Portable Massage Bed – ETERNAL

Portable Massage Bed - ETERNAL

About Portable Massage Bed – ETERNAL

From Aithein, India’s leading manufacturer of massage beds, comes our “Eternal” Massage Bed. It combines superb value and unparalleled performance for the massage professional.

It’s a workhorse massage bed that’s handsome and durable too.

India-Crafted by Aithein – our Eternal massage bed is the ultimate combination of honest value, intelligent design and true craftsmanship.

The “Eternal” truly represents Aithein’s eco-friendly yet economically priced full size portable massage bed.

Try our Eternal bed and experience why it’s the #1 value from India’s #1 brand. Because Aithein always delivers more than you expect.

Weight: 16 kgs
Height Range: 23 – 34 inches
Width: 30 inches
Length: 6ft+ 1ft (added cushion)
Padding: 3” cushioning system
Color: Agate Blue
Can carry weight up to 200 Kgs.

Portable Massage Bed – ETERNAL

Extremely Portable
Includes a face cushion, an adjustable headrest, armrest, and a free carrying case
Space efficient
Luxurious upholstered-rounded corner top
Hardwood construction
Sturdy & Stylish
Exclusively designed
Perfect finish
Headrests outlet on both the ends
Manually adjustable legs
Available for quick delivery

Portable Massage Bed – ETERNAL

WARRANTY : 1-year structural warranty from Date of Purchase. (kindly read WARRANTY for more information)

Detailed Features of the Beautiful, Elegant & Superb
#1 Eternal Massage Table
Portable Massage Table India-ETERNAL-Adjustable Head Rest
Adjustable Head Rest


The adjustable head rest can be easily arranged in various positions. This way deeper neck access can be attained by the therapist.

Multiple positions of adjustable Head Rest


Showing two of the possible infinite positions of the head rest adjustments.

Portable Massage Table India-ETERNAL-two positions

Soft Memory Foam


Our unique Soft Memory Foam molds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure.

Portable Massage Table India - ETERNAL - Memory Foam

Portable Massage Table India - ETERNAL - Round Corner
Round Corners


Round corners provide a smooth and comfortable experience. The client is unobstructed while you massage their neck and feet. No more bruises and corner jabs at your waist and legs as you move around the Eternal Portable Massage Table. Your focus can be completely on your technique not where the edge of the massage table is.

Strap Handle


The strap handles make the massage table easy to hold.

Portable Massage Table India - ETERNAL - Strap Handle

Portable Massage Table India - ETERNAL - folding position
Fully Folded


A portable Massage Table packs like a suit case when fully folded.

Double leg-lock Adjusters


Unique Double-Lock Leg Adjusters on our massage tables allow you to raise and lower the height of the massage table while keeping it doubly stable and secure.

Portable Massage Table India - ETERNAL - Double Lock Leg Adjusters

Portable Massage Table India - ETERNAL - Carry Case
Carry Case


Each eternal portable massage table comes with a strongly fabricated carry case. A good carry case not only help protect your table, but also provide a convenient way for you to carry your massage table.

FREE Delivery within INDIA.

Why buy a portable massage bed?

Portable massage beds are for those who have limited space or wish to travel. Portable massage beds are less expensive. These massage beds are padded for your comfort and they also provide a stable, smooth, ergonomic surface for you to massage.
The most notable feature of these beds is that they can be folded into half like a suit-case.

Because Aithein always delivers more than you expect !