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#1 Brand for Massage Tables in India: Aithein

We humbly wish to state that we are #1 Brand and biggest supplier of massage tables in India.

Best Quality of Massage Tables in India:

We are proud to supply the best quality of massage tables in India. We hand make all of our massage tables in India with love and extreme care, which ensures highest quality, structure and equipment.

Sturdy & Durability of our Massage Tables:

All aithein massage tables are ergonomically designed to fit various body types and heights, and offer soft foam cushioning to ensure maximum comfort. Each massage table is independently tested for its sturdiness and durability.

Designed for your Good Health:

At Aithein, we ourselves are very conscious of our own health. Passing this on, our massage tables in india are designed and crafted for those who know how to take  good care of their health and are very serious about it.

FREE Delivery of Massage Tables in India:

We provide FREE delivery of massage tables in India.

Massage Tables in India - Aithein Massage Tables

Aithein Massage Tables in India have grown to become the favourite of massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, spa goers and massage lovers in India. Clients not only re-order aithein massage tables for their different locations, but also re-order to gift their loved ones. We have consistently grown our customer base across India.

Finding a table that perfectly matches the budget and the needs of the customer from a wide range of market availability, is not a tough task. A good massage table defines a quality service to the clients and hence choosing the one keeping in mind the vital relevance of your practices is definitely the backbone of any business. So, wisely consider all of the above factors while buying your own professional massage table.